In life, there aren’t a lot of no-brainers. But amid the backdrop of climate change, rising electricity bills and generous government schemes, changing direction by ‘going solar’ is perhaps the biggest no-brainer of them all. After all, the sun gives us clean energy – for free. It allows us to slash our carbon footprint (not to mention those power bills), and add long-term value to your home with a solar setup that is truly low-maintenance.

‘Low maintenance’, however, doesn’t mean ‘no maintenance’. But while owning a car means checking the oil & water, the tyre pressures, and keeping that shiny Duco clean, looking after your solar panels is a lot, lot easier.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about solar panel cleaning.

1. Do I need to clean solar panels?

Yes – for your system to run efficiently and safely, a little general maintenance is necessary. Thankfully, though, the biggest culprit is simply dust, muck and debris – with lowered performance the main downside of letting your cleaning regimen slip.

2. How often do I need to do solar maintenance?

Basically, treat your solar system like all the rest of your electrical gear – although a particularly expensive and important one. Bear in mind that each brand and technology type will have specific maintenance instructions, routines and schedules, so the best people to ask are actually your specific installer or retailer. Here’s some further information about solar panel maintenance. Oh, and read the paperwork – and keep those warranties in a safe place!

3. Can I do all of it myself?

Because a lot of people simply won’t or can’t get on their roof, professional solar panel cleaning is common. But also bear in mind that turning your system off completely, and then working on a rooftop with semi-live electrical systems, is even a lot more difficult than it sounds, so you’re always safest to get a licensed technician to do your maintenance routines.

4. Are we just talking about solar panel cleaning?

While ensuring those solar panels are nice and clean is crucial for their performance and longevity, there’s more to your maintenance schedule than that. Your panels also need to remain secure, defect-free, with no corrosion, damage or deterioration. Vents should be clear of debris, switches checked, wiring double-checked, fittings secure, inverter error codes cleared, and so on.

Need A Solar Specialist?

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Looking to proceed with your solar panel cleaning? Follow our quick step-by-step guide to get it right:

  • Getting on the roof? Ensure you are confident and you have the right safety gear.
  • Got the product handbook? You’re going to need it for your system’s precise maintenance and cleaning regime.
  • Sun out? While a baking sun is great for your power bills, it’s not so great when you’re about to deal with scorchingly-hot solar panels. If you’re going to get up there, leave it until the late afternoon or get an early start.
  • Got a garden hose? Remember, your panels get a battering from the rain, so a decent spray will get rid of the worst of that dust, debris and dirt build-up. And don’t be shy with a bucket of soapy water and a squeegee.
  • Got a wire brush? Don’t use it! Anything particularly hard, made of metal or otherwise abrasive may be good for getting off the really caked-on muck, but the scratches you leave behind will hurt your system’s performance.

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