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Bird proofing for solar panels Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Did you know our feathered friends pose one of the greatest threats to the efficiency and longevity of your solar power system setup? We all know that mounting those panels on our roofs is one of the most powerful ways to drive down your power costs, go ‘green’ and achieve energy independence. But without adequate solar panel protection from birds and other pests, you’re simply exposing your expensive investment to damage.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

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What is solar panel bird proofing?

Because of bird poop to feathers, scratches and other pest debris, bird proofing solar panels are a must for preventing:

  • Scratches: The efficiency of your solar panels relies on the integrity of the original surface. Mere scratches and scuff marks, let alone full-on damage, cracks and leaks, lead to decreased solar function and shorter panel life.
  • Corrosion: Unfortunately for us, solar panels are seen as a perfect place to rest and nest for our winged friends. What you may not know is that bird droppings contain Uric acid, which is corrosive enough to eat away at the solar panel surface as well as associated seals.
  • Damage: Solar panels need to be handled with extreme caution – which is something birds don’t do as they fly about! From weakening the surface to downright cracking and breaking it, unchecked damage is the easiest way to cause vastly reduced performance and premature solar panel failure.
  • Other pests: If your solar panels have a bird problem, other pests are probably wreaking havoc too. Possums, rodents, snakes and other pests are even attracted to your panels if the birds are already setting up shop, further compromising the integrity of your solar power setup.
  • Other damage: If bird droppings and other pest debris are bad for your solar panels, that’s just the start of it. All that muck, including plant matter and other debris that promotes bacterial and mould development, will also enter your gutters and stormwater system and damage other parts of your roof and property.

How do you bird proof solar panels?

Solar Repair Service is your one-stop shop all across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and beyond for solar repairs, solar maintenance, solar panel protection – and more! Asking our friendly, CEC-qualified solar power electricians and experienced solar technicians about solar bird proofing and professional solar panel cleaning in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast wide is the best move to look after your important investment into the future.

With a combination of gutter guards, solar panel bird meshing in a range of types and styles, highly specialised solar panel cleaning and more, Solar Repair Service will make your panels a damage-resistant bird-free zone. Our process couldn’t be simpler:

  • Book in and we’ll be there in a flash
  • We’ll inspect your home & solar setup and offer a fair, fixed quote
  • We’ll get to work with our highly specialised tools & materials
  • We’ll implement solar panel bird proofing installation, setup repairs & cleaning if necessary, and recommend potential additional solar panel protection measures.

Best all-round solar panel protection

We’ve helped hundreds of home and property owners just like you across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Redland Bay & beyond to protect their solar power investments from birds, pests and other common hazards. The friendly team at Solar Repair Service guarantees the quality of our workmanship for LIFE, operating on the basis of 100% customer satisfaction.

We bird proof solar panels with only the highest quality products and bespoke solutions and will ensure that your solar panel protection setup is secure and effective into the future. Bird proofing solar panels with Solar Repair Service results in a long-term solution that is cost-effective, easy to maintain and won’t in any way contribute to the optimal efficiency, functioning or vital air flow required for your solar power setup.

Your bird proof solar panels will:

  • Be resistant to weather exposure
  • Restrict pest access without restricting vital airflow
  • Pose no threat to the lives of birds and other wildlife

Get in touch for affordable solar panel bird proofing

With solar bird proofing, you’ll be protecting your panels and preventing property damage whilst looking after the health of your family and the aesthetics of your home – and all while making your solar and roof maintenance easier and eliminating the annoying sounds of birds on your roof! You’re only one step away from a 100% bird-proof solar panel setup – because all that’s left to do is to give the friendly team at Solar Repair Service a call today!

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