You can’t ‘go green’ without them, but once you’re all set up with your new photovoltaic solar panels, you’ll be making clean, free energy for years upon years. But how many years, precisely? How long do solar panels last when mounted on roofs in the harsh conditions here in sunny, rainy & stormy Queensland?

Let’s face it, getting solar panels is a big investment – we’re talking thousands upon thousands of dollars, even when factoring in those rebates and incentives. The lifespan of solar panels, therefore, makes a huge difference when calculating just how long that price-tag will take to claw back in energy savings.

It’s an important question, and we at Solar Repair Service have broken down all the most common answers asked by people just like you:

1. How long do solar panels last in Australia?

Let’s get straight down to business: in terms of an average solar panel lifespan here in Queensland and Australia more broadly, you’re looking at a degradation rate of something between 0.5 and 1.5% per year. In real terms, you’re therefore looking at a couple of decades at least, and probably 30 years in the real world.

To ensure you’re nearer the 30-year+ range:

  • Pick a quality solar panel brand manufacturer
  • Get an experienced, reputable and fully-licensed installer to put the solar system in for you
  • Watch out for the common signs of accelerated degradation & problems.

2. What factors affect the lifespan of solar panels?

Longevity alone isn’t everything, because your solar panel setup also needs to perform reliably and at optimal efficiency to get all the cost-saving benefits. And it’s the harsh Queensland conditions that can hurt your panels the most:

  • Humidity: Queensland’s infamous humidity increases your panels’ chances of being affected by moisture that finds its way in. The good news is that the latest generation of solar panels sold on the Australian market are better at dealing with high humidity.
  • UV: It will come as no surprise to learn that the UV light radiating onto a Queensland roof is at supercharged levels. High-quality manufacturers, however, integrate clever UV-blocking technology on their panels – especially the ones destined for our bright Australian states.
  • Temperature fluctuations: As we all know here in Australia, the days can be particularly hot and the nights can be particularly cold, and sub-standard solar panels are less able to cope with all that expansion and contraction of the materials.
  • Wind: It’s hot, cold, bright and humid in Queensland – and also pretty darn windy! Over time, this sort of battering weakens the structural integrity of your array.

3. When should I replace the solar panels?

Although the typical solar panel lifespan is 20-30 years, that doesn’t mean you won’t get a lot more out of your particular system – especially if your routine and professional solar maintenance schedule is top-notch. At the same time, your panels may reach the end of their effective life much sooner than that.

So how long does a solar panel last before it really does need to be replaced? The magic number is about 80% efficiency, which means you will have lost at least 20% of the array’s ability to generate the power you expect because of degradation, micro cracks and other wear, tear and age-related issues.

We’ll help supercharge your solar panel lifespan

But here’s the good news: here at Solar Repair Service, we can keep your solar panels alive for longer by offering the full suite of solar power system repair, installation, professional panel cleaning and technical maintenance.

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