Think about all the appliances around your home – your TV, your fridge, your hot water system. Even off the top of your head, you probably know – and trust – the respective brand name. That’s because it’s the brand name that represents the quality, the reliability, the reputation, the price and the cool features that made you pick ‘Brand A’ over ‘Brand Z’ in the first place. And when it comes to the best solar panel brands Australia wide, it’s no different.

But while it’s likely you have some pre-established opinion about computer, shoe and smartphone brands, you might be drawing a blank when it comes to the solar panel brands that are making the biggest impression. That’s because while you buy shoes and even smartphones over and over, the good solar panel brands can be more elusive. Why’s that? Because it’s a relatively new market and because it’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime purchases that never really get the traction that other brands need to achieve.

What are the best solar panel brands?

Nevertheless, if you’re jumping on the solar bandwagon to slash your power bills and your family’s carbon footprint, you’re going to need a trustworthy list of the solar panel brands Australia loves compiled by industry experts, Solar Repair Service. So without further ado … here it is!:

1. The best solar panel brands bar none

Price is always a major consideration with a major investment like solar panels, but if we remove that from the equation, what are the solar panel brands that the billionaires would put in?

At the top of the list must be LG, a South Korean brand that has stunned the market by indicating it will shortly discontinue its solar ambitions. Until now, LG’s N-type silicon cells were the toast of the industry, even though plenty of competitors are now catching up.

One of them is SunPower, an American brand known for producing the most efficient panels of all – and also best at coping with partial shade. Add an amazing 40-year replacement warranty on top, and these corrosion-resistant panels are always a premium choice.

Finally, the third ‘tier 1’ solar panel brand is REC, which come with a 25-year warranty. What sets REC apart from the rest of the field is the award-winning half-cut cell technology, which produces significantly more energy per panel.

2. The best value-for-money solar brands

If you’re like most people, though, you want to find that happy place between great quality and a great price – so here are our winners in that category:

Trina Solar: For solid value, combining reliability with affordability, this is without doubt one of the best Chinese solar brands. Over the past few years, their products have earned a reputation of achieving close to premium performance for a better price.

Jinko: Another good quality, well-priced solar brand with a strong Australian presence is Jinko, who have achieved 21.53% average efficiency. And those in the know, know that above 21% efficiency is an industry-leading achievement.

Longi: Next up, we have another Chinese brand but you can still definitely call Longi ‘tier 1’. Sure, the maximum warranty is 15 years but this is no industry straggler – in fact, it’s probably the biggest producer of monosilicon panels across the entire world, with a good customer service office in Australia.

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Pick a solar panel brand with Solar Repair Service

But what about Q-Cell, Solarwatt, Hyundai, Solaria, Suntech, Risen, Opal … and plenty of other good solar brands that would look and work brilliantly on your roof? Because we’ve serviced so many solar systems over the years, no one knows more about the best solar panel brands Australia wide than Solar Repair Service. So if you want to know more and avoid the solar panel problems of inferior products get in touch with our friendly team today!