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Solar inverter repair & Replacement

Has your solar power inverter stopped working? Showing an error code or fault light? Or no lights at all? We can help! Our solar electricians can test and check all type of solar system inverters.

With years of experience across all types, sizes and brands of solar inverters our solar technician team can quickly locate the issue and get the inverter repaired or replaced fast.

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The experts in solar inverter repairs!

Looking for an expert to test and repair your solar inverter? Give us a call for a solar inverter repair service. We cover Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay!

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Solar Inverter Repair Services

Can solar power inverters be repaired?

This really depends on the brand of solar inverter. A lot of solar inverter manufactures have closed down so parts won’t be accessible. In some cases simple parts like fuses, plugs, cables can be replaced and some leading brands of the solar power inverter will allow the inverter to be sent back to the manufacture for refurbishment. Our solar electrician can give you advice on the best course of action for repair.

Inverter repairs need to be considered case by case. There are a few things that will determine if your inverter can be repaired. This includes the brand! If the inverter manufacturer is gone then there’s a good chance the inverter can’t be fixed. The installation location is also a factor, some inverter is installed in direct sunlight (this voids the warranty on almost all brands) If your inverter is installed incorrectly it may need to be relocated to a better location. The age of the system is also crucial, we are seeing more and more solar panels failing to cause the inverter to shut down. In some cases, the inverter is fine it’s an external issue such as wiring or panels.

Common causes of solar inverter failure!

We get lots of people asking us for a quote for a new solar inverter. While we can offer a free inverter quote, there usually more to the issue than just the solar inverter. We estimate out of 10 solar inverter faults more than 70% are caused by other issues within the system. Some of these issues include:

  • Faulty solar wiring.
  • Failed DC isolators on the roof.
  • Broken solar panel plugs.
  • Broken or damaged solar panels.
  • Water into the panels or wiring.
  • Damage from hail or power surge.

Solar inverter testing

We offer a comprehensive solar audit that covers all aspects of the solar power system from the panels to the wiring and inverter testing. This inspection allows us to identify the cause of the fault and in some cases can be a simple repair. This inspection will also ensure you’re not replacing a perfectly good inverter only to find out the fault was something minor. On the completion of the inspection, you will receive a detailed report explaining any issues we found and our CEC qualified solar electrician can give you advice regarding your system while on site.

It’s not always the solar inverter causing your system to not work! Some inverter fault codes are due to issues within in the system such as, wiring, panels & solar isolators.

Solar inverter repairs Brisbane, Moreton Bay & the Sunshine Coast.

If you need help with your solar inverter, get in touch with us today! Whether you’re in Brisbane, Moreton Bay or Sunshine Coast, we’re ready to help! We are experienced in all solar system faults and can ensure you get accurate clear advice for the best solution to get your solar inverter working again.


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Need a solar electrician to replace your solar inverter?

Need your solar power inverter replaced? We have expert solar electricians that can test, repair, install and replace all types of solar power inverters. If your inverter has failed and needs to be replaced with a “like for like” inverter, give us a call for help! We have access to all leading brands and can get your system working again fast!

Solar inverter installation service

Not all solar inverters are the same! Most brands have different installation requirements, including solar wiring and installation clearances to ensure it meets the inverter air flow requirements. Let us help give you advice on the best solar inverter to replace your existing system.

Inverter replacement costs

All replacements are different and often require wiring changes to get the new inverter to fit. If the inverter is the same brand the replacement will cost around $249.00 (labour only), this will vary if other parts or wiring is needed and should be considered a guide only.

Solar inverter replacements Brisbane, Moreton Bay & the Sunshine Coast.

We offer a solar inverter replacement service and can replace all leading brands. We have options for new inverters that can get your system working again fast. Contact us for further information.

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…I need my solar inverter replaced and switchboard upgraded. Jeremy arrived spot on time as advised, got straight into it and very happy with the service…

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It’s no secret that a decent electrician is harder to find than Where’s Sally! But I finally found it here. Look no further, you will get professional work and great ongoing support.

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Prompt, professional service, and great trouble-shooting skills – Tom did an excellent job, and other members of staff with whom I had dealings were also very good.

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