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Solar Panel & Inverter Repair Service.

Solar Power Services

We repair all leading brands of solar systems, solar panels & solar inverters.


Looking for a solar system repair specialist. We repair solar panels, inverters and solar systems across Brisbane, Moreton Bay & the on the Sunshine Coast. If you're looking for a (CEC) qualified solar power electrician, look no further than us! Our solar electrician's have lots of industry experience and have repaired hundreds of solar systems. Our friendly solar team has over 30 years combined solar experience.

Solar Power Repairs

Solar Power Repairs

Complete solar system repair service. Our repairs service includes; DC wiring, solar panels, inverters, DC isolators and array frame and earthing.

Solar Inverter Repairs

Solar Inverter Repairs

Solar power inverter testing and repair service. Some brand of solar power inverters can be re-conditioned. However most need a complete replacement.

Solar Maintenance

Solar Maintenance

Need you solar system checked, inspected or cleaned? We can carry out solar system maintenance with a detailed report on the system finding.

Solar Inverter Repairs

Depending on the brand, an inverter repair may or may not be possible. Some simple parts can in some cases be replaced. Other times the inverter may be able to be sent away to the manufacturer for reconditioning. Worst case the inverter will require a full replacement. Find out more about our inverter repairs service.

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Solar System Repairs

Has your inverter failed? Need it replaced by an expert. Give us a call we can supply and replace all leading brands of solar power inverter and get your solar system back up and running fast will minimal down time.

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Common solar repair questions we are asked.

Can solar inverters be repaired?

Most solar inverters have very few repairable parts. Common parts like fuses or DC plug inputs in some cases can be repaired. Some brands such as Latronics, can generally be sent back to the manufacturer for reconditioning. Each inverter repair is usually case by case, however more often than not the inverter will need to be replaced.

How much does a solar inverters cost to replace.

Each replacement is different, therefore a different cost. The price depends on a few key factors which include, the size of the inverter (inverter KW rating), location, wiring requirements of the new inverter and the type of DC isolators.

Do solar systems need yearly maintenance?

Its recommended you have your solar system checked and inspected on a annual basis, its important to regularly check the DC rooftop isolators to ensure there is no water ingress. These can become a fire risk if they are in poor condition.

Our Service Areas.


Do you live in Brisbane and have a solar power issue. We can help our qualified Brisbane Solar Electricians can quickly test and locate solar power faults. We cover both North Brisbane and South Brisbane.


Need your solar system repaired. We service all areas of Moreton Bay and have experienced electricians that can get your solar system operating quickly and get your power bill back to where it should be!


Sunshine Coast solar repair experts. If you're looking for a CEC qualified solar electrical business, give us a call we can test and repair all solar systems fast and efficiently.

"Over 25 Years Solar Panel & Inverter Repair Experience"

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  • Over 25 Years Solar Repair Experience.
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