With the solar boom over the past 10 years, there has been lots of solar panels and inverters flooding the market. Many brands offer fantastic warranties and promote “high-quality products” however lots of people have been supposed to find, the warranty’s in some cases aren’t all as great as they sound. Here’s some more information about the solar power warranty situation.

Solar panel warranty.

Most people aren’t aware that solar panels have two warranties. Everyone hears the 25-year warranty, however, this is a performance warranty. Solar panels also have a product warranty and in some cases, this is only 10 years. We are seeing more and more panels not lasting their product warranty and no big surprise, when you go to make a claim the company is no longer in Australia, therefore this is no warranty.

Solar inverter warranty.

Much like the solar panel warranties, the inverter comes with a manufactures warranty ranging from 5-10 years. If your lucky and the company still exists you may be able to get a replacement inverter and have it installed by a local solar electrician and get reimbursed for the costs by the manufacturer. Not surprisingly lots and lots of inverter manufactures have closed down or left Australia, which leaves the consumer with the burden of the replacement costs.

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Solar warranty advice.

When you’re selecting a solar system, it’s important to choose quality products. Make sure you look for a solar module with a 20 – 25 year product and performance warranty. There are also a few really good inverters such as Fronius or SMA, these have been in the solar industry for the long haul and offer great after-sales service. Don’t buy a solar system on price! It’s like any product, the cheap products don’t last. Don’t fall for sales pitch like “best low light panels”, “best performing panels” do your own research and choose a reputable solar system installation company.

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