How’s your Growatt? If you chose a Growatt inverter for your solar energy needs, congratulations – you took a bold and important step towards sustainability and energy independence, with a proven brand at your back. Originally from China, Growatt has established a permanent presence in the Australian and global solar market with high-quality inverters and other solar solutions known for efficiency and reliability. That’s made them a popular choice among Queensland homeowners and businesses alike, and while you made a great decision, it’s important to understand that even the best technology can encounter issues. Having Growatt inverter problems? We’re here to help.

Now for the really good news. Thankfully, Growatt has cleverly designed their systems to clearly and reliably communicate problems as they arise through error codes and indicators – ensuring you’re never left in the dark when it comes to maintaining your expensive system.

Diagnosing issues quickly & efficiently

Yes, Growatt inverters are renowned for their performance – and yet you’ll unavoidably experience technical difficulties here and there. Error codes and word-based prompts are essential tools provided by Growatt, helping to quickly pinpoint the basic nature of a problem and guide you towards the fix. It’s in understanding these error alerts that will greatly simplify the troubleshooting process – ensuring your system operates with minimal disruption when things do go wrong.

5 common Growatt inverter problems & solutions

Navigating your way through Growatt inverter issues can be stressful, but also fairly straightforward once you understand the common problems and solutions. Here’s how you can address the most typical scenarios you might encounter:

1. Growatt inverter not turning on

Your Growatt inverter won’t even power on? If this happens, don’t panic – but the first thing to do is to check that there’s no issue with your home’s power supply or circuit breakers. If that’s not it, verify that all the critical connections to the inverter are secure and that the system isn’t displaying any specific error codes which could indicate a deeper issue.

2. Growatt inverter error 117

We’ve put this one at #2 because it crops up quite a lot. Error 117 typically signals an internal communication error within the inverter. The really good news, however, is that a simple power cycle to reset the system can clear the issue with nothing else left to do. But if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to get the internal components checked, or possibly the firmware updated.

3. The red light indicator

Has that Growatt inverter red light got you scratching your head? You’re right to suspect that it’s some sort of fault condition – and hopefully the exact nature of the problem is further detailed by an accompanying error code.

For all of the various codes and the more detailed troubleshooting steps, you may need to get that user manual out. And if worse comes to worst, Growatt Australia Support should always be there for you – or your friendly local solar inverter repair technician!

4. The other major Growatt inverter fault codes

We just mentioned that there are many Growatt error codes. Well, we know all of the ones you’re most likely to see based on our years of industry experience:

  • #102: Your inverter is confused by inconsistent CPU sampling dates. Don’t worry about what it means – just turn off the DC switch, shut down the system, turn it back on again and see if it clears.
  • #116: This is an EEPROM error, which means there’s an issue with reading and writing to your system’s memory. If you see it and it goes away, don’t worry about it. But if it won’t go away, restart the system – and prepare yourself for the possibility of needing a new control board.
  • AC V Outrange: There’s a problem with the grid voltage, but it’s common when the sun is really shining if there’s a lot of other houses in your area with solar systems. If it persists, seek professional help.

5. Growatt PV Isolation Low

Is ‘PV Isolation Low’ the error you’re getting? That’s a sure sign that your system has detected insufficient isolation from the photovoltaic (PV) panels. It could be due to moisture ingress or a fault in the PV array, but either way, it’s crucial that you address the problem promptly to avoid further damage or even a safety hazard.

Don’t forget your Growatt maintenance!

Always remember, a little bit of regular maintenance really can help you dodge some or all of these common solar inverter issues. Focus on the ventilation around your inverter, ensuring it’s not blocked or obstructed, and don’t forget to give those connections and cables a visual once-over for signs of wear and damage.

Need A Solar Specialist?

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Beyond Growatt Australia support: Need local help?

Growatt inverter problems may be daunting and disruptive when they occur, but it doesn’t need to stress you out too much. With a basic understanding of Growatt inverter error codes and the common problems associated with these otherwise dependable systems, you can take the proactive steps that ensure your system continues to run smoothly both today and tomorrow.

Remember, if you’re having persistent problems or seeing complex fault codes that make little sense, the professionals are always only just around the corner. For expert assistance and dedicated service in Brisbane, Moreton Bay, and the Sunshine Coast and beyond, consider reaching out to Solar Repair Service. Don’t let those inverter issues dim your solar experience – because help is only ever a single call away!

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