Have you got a Goodwe? It’s a solar inverter brand that’s renowned for advanced Chinese technology and superb reliability for the Australian market – making them pretty popular all across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and far beyond in a skyrocketing Australian solar market. But although they deliver high performance for your solar panel energy conversion, like any sophisticated and innovative electronic device, Goodwe inverters can experience issues. Hopefully it’s not a total system failure, but you may see a helpful error code or another message that can lead you onto the right path.

Got GoodWe inverter problems? You’ve found the ultimate guide:

Understanding Goodwe inverter fault codes

For particular issues, these popular inverters display specific GoodWe inverter error codes to alert users just like you to potential solar inverter issues within the system – giving you a hint about what to do next.

Notable GoodWe error codes include:

  • Codes 1 and 2: Those are SPI and EEPROM failures, pointing to internal communication and memory chip issues.
  • Codes 3, 15, and 17: These are related to grid and voltage irregularities.
  • Codes 7 and 25: You’ve got a relay check failure, preventing your system from connecting to or disconnecting to the electrical grid.
  • Codes 13 and 14: Warnings about high DC injection or failure – necessitating a repair call-out.

Beyond GoodWe error codes: Common display messages

Double-helpfully, GoodWe inverters also provide general status messages that help users in a more generic way to understand the inverter’s current operational state. You may also have a clear symptom or a basic understanding of what’s gone wrong – so let’s get into what else you need to know:

1. Goodwe RSVD fault

Got a RSVD fault? It’s a bit cryptic, and it stands for a reserved error – which could mean a complex internal problem. Treat it like an unspecified error, or a call for specialised diagnostic tools and expertise to identify and resolve the problem.

2. Inverter not turning on?

GoodWe inverter not turning on at all? What may have gone wrong is a cut in the power supply, a tripped breaker at the circuit box, or something serious that’s gone wrong inside the unit. The verdict: call for the best solar inverter repair service near you.

3. Resetting your Goodwe inverter

Suspect your GoodWe just needs a good hard reset? Here’s how to reset GoodWe inverter models of just about every type:

Simply turn off the AC and DC switches, wait a good few minutes, and then turn it all back on. It’s a super-helpful resolution for issues like unexplained system hang-ups or a multitude of minor glitches.

4. Inverter displays “Waiting”

GoodWe inverter waiting? If that’s the message you’re getting, it usually means the inverter really is waiting … for a stable grid connection. It may also be waiting for sufficient sunlight to start generating the usable solar power you need.

5. GoodWe inverter – No display at night

Are you worried about your GoodWe inverter when there’s no display at night? Relax, because it’s perfectly normal for your inverter to be showing no display at all at night – when no solar production is occurring, for obvious reasons!

6. GoodWe inverter utility loss

Is “utility loss” your issue? That’s the news you’ll get when the inverter can’t detect a single sign of any connection to the grid – which could be because the grid is down or you’ve been disconnected for another reason.

7. GoodWe inverter offline

If your GoodWe has gone offline, it might be due to communication issues or a disconnection from the monitoring platform. The problem may be the network settings, or a router failure that has interrupted the connection between your inverter and the online monitoring tools.

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Goodwe inverter troubleshooting: What’s next?

Rest assured, GoodWe solar inverters are built for peak performance, durability and affordability – making them a great choice for your Queensland or Australian home. However, understanding the error codes and other basic troubleshooting steps is absolutely critical to maintaining their efficiency and longevity. From the mysterious RSVD fault to a simple reset procedure, knowing how to respond to these alerts can save you time, money and peace of mind.

Encountering persistent or unresolvable GoodWe inverter problems? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us right here at Solar Repair Service. We repair, service and maintain all brands of solar inverters supplied and installed throughout Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Gympie, the Sunshine Coast, and beyond – and provide friendly professional advice as well as fully-guaranteed workmanship on every single job. Keep your solar system operating smoothly with Solar Repair Service – why not give us a shout today?

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