Is your solar inverter a Fronius? You made a wise choice, as it’s not just a company steeped in 8 decades of history, it’s Austrian – a region renowned for precision technological excellence. It’s no surprise that Fronius has established a strong foothold in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and beyond amid Australia’s growing focus on renewables, thanks to quality engineering, durability, and solar energy optimisation. So while Fronius inverter problems are rare, they do happen – and when they do, Queensland’s vast and diverse geography can make it difficult to access official Fronius support Australia-wide to figure out something as simple as knowing what those error codes mean.

Having trouble contacting Fronius support Australia?

Luckily, the company – like most other inverter suppliers – has tried to make every Fronius inverter problem as easily diagnosable as possible. It’s through the system of Fronius error codes – specific alphanumeric sequences displayed by the inverter to indicate particular problems or malfunctions for efficient troubleshooting and Fronius inverter repair. Having trouble not only finding those Fronius inverter fault codes, but properly understanding what they mean – and what to do next? We have all the answers in our exclusive error code guide to Fronius inverter troubleshooting.

If all you do is check the manual, what you might get is the code alongside an explanation like “Configuration value out of limits”. But what does that even mean? We have all the answers, so read on.

Exclusive Fronius inverter troubleshooting

What we’ve done is summarise some of the major categories of Fronius inverter problems and break down their related error codes – and let you know what you should do next:

1. Grid connection issues

Error Code 102: Grid voltage out of tolerance, which indicates that the inverter is detecting voltage from the grid that is too high or too low.

  • WHAT’S NEXT?: Check if the grid parameters set on the inverter match the local grid’s requirements. If you have no idea, you’ll need expert support.

Error Code 301: No grid connection, telling you that the inverter is unable to detect a connection to the electrical grid.

  • WHAT’S NEXT?: If your home has power, get help for your inverter fault.

2. Communication problems

Error Code 401: There’s a communication error between inverter components, suggesting an issue with internal communication.

  • WHAT’S NEXT?: Try resetting the inverter, and checking all data communication connections. The next step is expert support.

Error Code 402: There’s a problem with the connection to external monitoring devices, or the internet connection for remote monitoring. Fronius 999 error is similar.

  • WHAT’S NEXT?: Check your internet connection and external monitoring system configuration. The next step could be checking the manual for setup advice – or pro help.

3. Over temperature

Error Code 117: Your inverter is overheating, which can be caused by hot weather or inadequate ventilation around the inverter.

  • WHAT’S NEXT?: Is your Fronius being blasted by direct sunlight? And is there plenty of room around the device for ventilation? Resolve the issues ASAP to protect the sensitive internal components.

4. Internal faults

Error Code 443: Depending on where you refer to in order to understand the 443 error, you may get different answers – like asymmetric voltage or DC energy transfer failures. The truth is that a general internal error has occurred inside the box, indicating a serious inverter malfunction.

  • WHAT’S NEXT?: This type of fault typically requires an inspection or repair.

Error Code 475: This internal fault has been triggered by a solar panel grounding problem, causing an internal relay failure.

  • WHAT’S NEXT?: Power down your Fronius inverter straight away and call for help.

5. Firmware issues

Error Code 609: This is the one we mentioned at the top – the “configuration value out of limits” problem that leaves you scratching your head. The most likely explanation is that the device’s firmware has become out of date and needs an urgent update.

  • WHAT’S NEXT?: You may be able to follow Fronius’ instructions to perform the update yourself, but expert guidance is recommended to ensure proper procedures are followed to ensure compatibility.

Extra mentions:

  • Fronius state 509 may simply be a polite request for a solar panel clean
  • Fronius state 307 may not be a major problem at all – perhaps there’s just not enough sun in the sky
  • Fronius error 105 and Fronius error 102 are AC power problems, but they should resolve themselves with no user intervention
  • The explanation to Fronius state 104 is hard to find on the internet, but it’s another grid issue that should resolve when the supplied power is back within tolerable limits
  • Fronius 999 error.

Fronius inverter problem? Here’s the quickest fix

The good news is that Fronius inverters are renowned for their detailed diagnostic systems – but the bad news is that all the way from 100 to 999, there are an awful lot of those Fronius error codes!

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