As Queensland rapidly transitions to clean, green and sustainable renewable energy, there’s one word that summarises the key to that success: incentives. After all, it’s incentives that turn a solar naysayer into an avid consumer of solar panels for their home, and encourage businesses to invest in solar technologies with financial, environmental and long-term benefits. For the consumer, one clear incentive that gets a lot of attention is our local solar feed in tariff QLD – but there’s another incentive that works hand-in-hand.

For many people, while the QLD solar feed in tariff and the installation of solar batteries are two such incentives, it’s always surprising to learn that not too many Queenslanders understand that they have a symbiotic relationship.

Feed in tariff QLD – What is it?

The simplest explanation is that the QLD feed in tariff allows solar-equipped homes producing excess solar energy to ‘feed’ it back into the grid for a financial benefit. In fact, if you get it right, the feed-in tariff can provide a steady extra income stream for solar panel owners, meaning it doesn’t just make those power bills smaller, but eliminates them entirely – and then turns solar power into a profitable venture!

For the number boffins, here’s the breakdown about the solar feed in tariff QLD:

  • It’s a standard rate of just over 10c per kilowatt-hour
  • With an additional time-varying rate of over 16c per kWh for eligible systems during peak periods.

How does it work hand-in-hand with solar batteries?

Separately, most solar power users these days understand very well that another key incentive is the increasing availability of solar battery installation. Basically, what it means is that you never waste a drop of that free solar energy because rather than losing it you can store it for when the sun isn’t shining. That way, even in the dead of night, you can be using free solar energy rather than paying for regular electricity from the grid.

The ultimate solar super-incentive

But how do the feed-in tariff and solar battery installation work hand-in-glove to create a true super-incentive? It’s all about unlocking solar synergies and amplifying the rewards. Let’s explain.

1. Maximised self-consumption

Slash and eliminate your reliance on grid electricity by storing excess energy for later use, increasing self-consumption to the max.

2. Increased financial returns

By combining the feed-in tariff with solar batteries, homeowners can not only earn income by exporting surplus energy to the grid but also further optimise their financial returns by using stored energy during peak tariff periods.

3. Energy independence

With solar batteries, you ramp up your energy independence by relying less on the grid and harnessing safely stored solar energy to meet power needs even during outages or at night.

4. Enhanced grid stability

Solar batteries contribute to the stability of the power grid we all rely upon by reducing the intermittency of solar energy generation and balancing electricity supply with demand.

5. Reduced carbon footprint

Combining the feed-in tariff with solar batteries promotes renewable energy adoption, slashing your carbon footprint even more extremely by minimising reliance on fossil fuel-based electricity.

6. Long-term cost savings

Just imagine making money, rather than spending money, on your energy needs! That’s a long-term saving on power bills, making solar power a powerfully attractive option from a purely financial point of view.

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7. Sustainable energy transition

When you find synergies in solar incentives, we collectively accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future, driving increased solar power adoption and powering the global effort against climate change.

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