Inverter installed without the correct clearance?

Where coming across this issue regularly now where the solar inverter is installed without the recommended manufacturers clearance requirements.

During the inverter operation, it changes the DC power from the panel to AC that is sent back to your switchboard. During this process, the inverter creates heat which is why most inverters have a heatsink on the back each manufacturer states a different clearance requirement for the inverter it’s important during the installation that the inverter clearances are maintained this is to allow the inverter to cool from the ambient air allowing it to operate to its full potential.

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If your inverter is installed without the required requirements for clearance it will automatically void the manufacturer’s warranty, it can also lead to the inverter overheating or dropping system performance. We recommend when possible to install the inverter inside the garage this enables the inverter to be out of the sun and weather and also have the required manufacturers clearances to ensure the warranty is kept intact.

Often if the inverter is installed without the required clearance it won’t last as long as it should most inverters come with a five-year manufacturers warranty and in some cases, it can be extended to 10 years however this warranty is pointless if it becomes void due today inadequate clearance from the installation.

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If you’re unsure what clearance your inverter requires you can check inside your inverter manual or do a quick search online with your inverter model number and it should show a diagram showing the clearance requirements above below and to the sides.

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