Ground fault error code on your solar inverter?

People often call and ask for a quote on a new solar inverter, unfortunately, it’s not always the inverter that failed. Check out this example!

It’s easy to assume your solar inverter has stopped working when the fault light pop’s up. After testing hundreds of solar systems we can tell you it’s not always just the inverter! In this video, we show you a solar system with a “ground fault” error and it’s actually caused by the solar panels (failing).

The solar modules on this property are low quality, the owner was told they are a German product. After doing some investigations, we have been able to determine the panels are designed in Germany and made in China. Not all Chinese solar panels are bad! However if your misleading people it’s a biota red flag!

What’s the issue with the solar panels?

These panels have moisture ingress (under the glass) this means the cells inside the glass are rusting and corroding causing the DC power from the panels to short to the frame of the module (earth) this is bringing up an error code “ground fault” and shutting the inverter down. Unfortunately, like many solar companies, this manufacturer has left Australia and a warranty isn’t possible.

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Is this fault dangerous?

The short answer is yes, the corrosion can get so bad that the panel cell can burn out. It’s recommended your system be shut down if you have this fault.

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