Lots of solar installers are unaware that installing the solar panel racking incorrectly may inadvertently void the solar panel warranty.

The solar panel manufacturers specify clearance requirements and fixing distances for the solar panel array frame. If these distances are incorrect it may lead to the solar panel having too much overhang and could potentially cause micro-cracks inside the cells most manufacturers will void their warranty if the panels are installed this way.

Check out our short video explaining the installation error of the solar system

One of the other main factors is that the right frame is designed for specific wind loads if the wracking isn’t installed as per the manufacturers’ design it could lead to the system not meeting the wind requirements for the region.

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This could potentially be dangerous in the event of a strong storm and may lead to the system becoming dislodged from the roof. A common installation error is installers trying to fit too many solar panels onto a roof without taking into consideration the actual fixings for the array frame. You can’t just go and place as many panels as you want without insuring the racking is designed and suited for the installation.

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