We hear all the time about how renewable energy such as solar is the clean, green future that awaits us all – and that we can already reap all of those benefits today. And it’s not just better for the planet, as solar power slashes your electricity bills, boosts your property’s value, ends your energy dependence, and is a low-to-no maintenance solution for the long term. What you hear quite a bit less about is solar electrical safety – for good reason. After all, when you buy a new car, how much will the salesperson talk about the risk of getting into a serious crash?

But at Solar Repair Service, we care about you – which means we need to talk openly and honestly about solar power system electrical safety. We don’t pretend that turning sun radiation into useable electricity is ‘magic’. We don’t hide that, like all electric energy generation systems, there is the risk of electrocution and arc faults that spark fires and even explosions. And hardly anyone emphasises 3 of the lesser known risks including:

1. Flood/Emergency

As 2022 has demonstrated to us so far with a vengeance, flooding is still a big deal in Australia. If you suspect or fear water damage may be on the horizon, always follow the manufacturer’s proper processes for inverter shutdown.

However, if water damage has already been done, don’t risk a shock and instead call the solar electricians at Solar Repair Service.

2. Roof safety

Solar installers and manufacturers often refer to the risk of falling off the roof. But a much bigger concern is actually electrical safety whilst working on the roof or in those roof cavities – because of all the electrical wiring and other powered features lurking up there.

If you’re tempted to go up or in there, pay particular attention to the live supply cables running from the panels to the inverter – as well as every other electrical feature. And don’t forget that even if you power down your solar system from the switchboard or the inverter, the main supply line will of course still be live, as will be the panels-to-inverter connections.

3. Recalls

Another thing to keep an eye out for is product recalls. A major culprit over the past few years has been faulty DC isolator switches, with plenty of systems subject to recalls – mainly due to the risk of overheating and fire.

Luckily, Australia’s federal ACCC has set up a product recall search service at https://www.productsafety.gov.au/recalls where you can search for your solar inverter brand and model and get instant information about its recall status.

Solar system electrical safety – What’s next?

What’s the real answer? It couldn’t be simpler: maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance.

Get your solar power system regularly looked at by true industry experts, and it could be good to go and super-safe for decades. With a bit of luck, your installer or the manufacturer has already laid out what your particular solar system servicing schedule is, but you can also give Solar Repair Service a call and our experienced and fully-licensed solar team will help you out.

Need a few maintenance tips?

  • Keep cooling vents clean & debris-free
  • Keep panels & switches secure, clean and defect-free
  • Check parts and wiring for deterioration, damage & corrosion
  • As well as panels & inverters, don’t neglect any battery storage system you may have in place.

A good plan for safety and reliability is to have regular scheduled solar panel cleaning and inspections.

Need A Solar Specialist?

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Don’t forget about solar power system electrical safety

Yes, you need to worry about how good your installation was, what condition your panels and components are in, and if the weather or pests have compromised the long-term health of your entire solar panel system. That’s a lot to worry about, so why would you risk it by not putting your solar power maintenance needs in the hands of Solar Repair Service?

We repair any and all brands of solar systems, solar panels & solar inverters all across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and beyond, so get in touch with Solar Repair Service today.