Every week we are seeing more and more poorly installed solar systems!

It’s scary to think that solar panel installers are wiring the solar DC cabling directly across the hot tin on the roof of homes.

We are often asked why does this happen? How can companies be doing such dodgy work? The short answer is a lot of solar companies are marketing or sales companies and often they don’t even have their own installers!

So how does this work? Well, the solar sales company will sell the system to a client and subcontract the installation works to an electrician with a solar license. This sounds fair enough, however, there’s a catch! Most solar companies aren’t paying the installers enough to do the works to the industry standard. Often installers get a flat rate fee for all homes no matter the difficulty and guess what! If your install is difficult well it’s likely some corners might be cut to get the job done faster.

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How to avoid a dodgy solar company!

You feel pressured, have been given a one time only offer, the salesperson has never installed a solar system and if your house was door knocked!

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