Solar inverter showing “isolation fault”? Here’s a common cause of inverter isolation fault alarm!

We are seeing more and more often, solar power inverters showing the error code isolation fault. This customer’s solar panels are in poor condition due to moisture ingress into the panels.

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Signs your solar system has an “isolation fault”.

If you’re noticing your solar inverter is showing the error code “low PV isolation, ground fault or isolation fault” in the morning or just after rain. Its likely your solar panels are starting to fail. The moisture from the dew in the morning or rain causes the DC of the solar panels to leak to the earth on the array frame. The inverter then senses the fault and shuts the system down for safety. Once the moisture has burnt away (evaporated) from the sun the system will then start to work again.

What can be done to stop the issue?

Unfortunately “isolation fault” is generally non-repairable and will require the panels to be replaced. If your lucky the manufacture may still be in business and you may be able to source a warranty.

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