It’s amazing how many installers can’t get the installation of the DC rooftop isolators correct!

From our solar inspections, we are seeing approximately half of all rooftop DC isolators installed incorrectly or unsafely. Many installers are unaware of the installation requirements from the DC switch manufactures and are unknowingly installing the DC switch incorrectly.

Just over the last month, we have seen more than 4 DC isolators fires from incorrectly install solar rooftop isolators. These fires were only minor, but never the less could have been very serious. Often people are completely unaware these been any issue with there system and have called us because their solar inverter is showing a fault.

Why are solar DC isolators unsafe on roofs

DC solar isolators are plastic switch. On a new solar system its a requirement that the solar isolators be installed on the system. We personally feel these are a terrible idea as the switch can deteriorate in the weather and lead to potential moisture ingress. Most homeowners are unaware they should be having theses checked every 12 months at a minimum or after a significant storm.

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What happens when water enter the DC isolators?

The solar DC power can’t be shut down, if there’s UV the panels will produce power! So in the event, the isolators have water ingress the switch will likely melt with the potential to catch on fire!

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