If you’re new to the world of solar power, first of all, we just want to say: “Welcome!” And now you have a choice: put all of your faith in your trustworthy solar energy professionals, or dig a little deeper. Scratch just the surface, and you’ll learn that there are actually four main parts to your solar energy system: the panels, the racking or mounting, the inverter and the battery storage. But there’s a fifth element that is less talked about and even less well understood: the solar panel optimisers.

The reason solar optimisers don’t get much air-time is because they’re basically an additional and optional feature – and we completely recognise that your solar energy system will still work without its help. But the key here is in the name itself: solar optimiser. The solar optimisers, in other words, ‘optimise’ the power that your individual panels produce.

If you’re wondering about the sort of optimisers solar specialists may be recommending to you, the sales pitch is definitely not hot air. That’s because if just one of your panels is in fact not working optimally, that lagging performance can – and usually will – bring down the performance of the system as a whole. Your panels are arranged in a ‘string’ – and we all know what happens if you affix multiple trinkets to an actual, real-life string and then take to it with a pair of scissors. In the world of solar energy, the solar panel optimiser’s job is to keep your panel ‘strings’ intact.

Do you have questions about solar panel optimisers?

We know you have more questions than that about how solar panel optimisers play their role in your new setup, so we’ve bundled them all up in these 6 questions that hopefully make everything crystal clear:

Q: Does my new system really need solar optimisers?

A: Technically, no. But without them, your ‘strings’ will only be as powerful as the single-most high-performing panel. With solar optimisers installed, however, the power of each individual panel will be individually optimised.

Q: Why would my panels not already be optimised?

A: Good question, because many people believe that new panels straight out of the box will already perform optimally. However, the problem could actually be as simple as one panel in the partial shade, or one being not quite as clean as the others.

Q: How does the individual solar optimiser really work?

A: Without getting technical, what solar optimisers do is detect sub-optimal panel performance and find a way to bypass that individual problem and prioritise the overall performance of each string. In even simpler terms, it means panel performing at 50% power will not result in the other panels all effectively being brought down to 50% too.

Q: Will solar optimisers always work optimally?

A: Another great question, because some may fear that adding additional features to your solar setup is just adding more things that can go wrong. Luckily, the solar panel optimiser – made from highly durable materials – is designed specifically to handle the extreme conditions of turning heat energy into free, useable power.

Q: Do solar panel optimisers make financial sense?

A: Sure, a solar optimiser per panel adds a few extra dollars to the overall cost of your system, but not suffering ongoing sub-optimal panel performance will more than pay you back over time.

Q: Who can install solar optimisers?

A: Your friendly solar electricians can quickly and inexpensively install your solar optimisers.

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